Essential Desk Pads & Wall Calendars

Organize your business life with desk pads and wall calendars from Adams Specialty & Printing. Our inventory includes stylish and long-lasting supplies that make your office complete.

Calendarette Products

We specialize in wall calendars and desk pads from Calendarette Products. These items make every desk, office, study, and classroom neat and efficient. Based on your needs, desk pads and calendars are also available for bulk and repeat ordering. Contact us for details and special pricing.


School Year Calendar (Item No. 1420)

This model is available from August to July, providing you with one complete calendar for the entire school year. It is available in single or multiple orders, which includes six or more. Our School Year Calendar is large format (14" x 20"), tinned at the top for durability, and is easy to handle. It also has plenty of room for memos and other important information.

Calendar Desk Pad (Item No. 1224)

Our extra-large format (16½" x 21½") Calendar Desk Pad is the ideal gift for executives, teachers, businessmen, and administrators. Its sheets easily slip from protective leatherette corners for your convenience.

It also provides a lot of space for your memos and appointments. There are two sheets for each month, and a full year calendar on each page, so you always know what day it is.

Scribble Desk Pad (Item No. 1772)

Keep track of appointments, phone calls, and much more with our extra-large format (16½" x 22½") Scribble Desk Pad. It is a full year calendar featuring a 12" ruler on each page. With 26 scribble sheets of durable 20 lb. bond, it provides you with plenty of room for scribbling and writing memos. It also has "Remember" box for notes and important dates. Our desk pad is easy to use because the sheets conveniently slip from protective leatherette corners.

Memo Calendar (Item No. 1117)

This all-purpose calendar provides you with a lot of room for memos and other important information. It's a large format (11" x 17") calendar that is tinned at the top for durability. Because of its design, it's also easy to hang.

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